Thursday, December 10, 2009

New DomainHealth WebLogic monitoring tool version

I've just released the latest version of DomainHealth - version 0.8 (well actually 0.8.1 because of a fix for a last minute bug spotted by Kris).

DomainHealth (DH) is an open source "zero-config" monitoring tool for WebLogic. It collects important server metrics over time, archives these into CSV files and provides a simple web interface for viewing graphs of current and historical statistics.

You can download it from the project home page at

The help docs for DomainHealth are at:

This release includes many minor fixes and enhancements (see the Release Notes document listed alongside the DH download file), plus the following major additions:
  • Now provides the ability to harvest and retrieve server statistics using a WLDF module (configured on the fly by DH), rather than using JMX to poll each server for statistics. This is now the default behaviour when running on WLS version 10.3.x or greater. For WLS versions 9.0 to 10.0.x, it still uses JMX Polling. If you prefer to use JMX Polling for the recent WLS versions, you can force this behaviour with a special parameter (see the Help docs). It is worth noting that, although I don't believe the load that the periodic JMX Polling puts on the managed servers (once a minute), is noticeable, I was still keen for DH to move to use WLDF by default. This way, DH acts as a WebLogic 'good citizen' and is also able to better cope with the increased number of MBean statistics that inevitably come with each new DH release.
  • Now shows a lot more interesting Thread Pool statistics on the main page (including Throughput and QueueLength).
  • Previously, for domains with many servers, it was difficult to drill into the statistics for just one specific server at a time, in the graphical web pages. Now you have the option to select which server you want to see on the web page, in isolation, by selecting the server's name from a drop down list.
  • When using the WLDF based mechanism for collecting metrics, statistics for all Work Managers and all Server Channels (protocol server sockets) are now also retrieved and displayed. I have not added this capability for the JMX Polling based mechanism because I'm wary of putting too much load on each managed server during the polling process (I may revisit this decision at a later date).

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