Sunday, September 17, 2023

New Paper Version Of Practical MongoDB Aggregations Book Now Available

Just over 2 years ago, I self-published the Practical MongoDB Aggregations eBook, which is also referenced by parts of the MongoDB Manual

Now, there is a MongoDB Inc. officially endorsed paper and electronic version of the book, published by Packt. The Packt version of the book includes extra information on some topics and two additional example chapters.

Practical MongoDB Aggregations book front cover

You can purchase the book from the Packt website, Amazon, or other book retailers.

This Practical MongoDB Aggregations book helps you unlock the full potential of the MongoDB aggregation framework, including the latest features of MongoDB 7.0. It arms you with practical, easy-to-digest principles and approaches for increasing your effectiveness in developing aggregation pipelines, supported by examples for building pipelines to solve complex data manipulation and analytical tasks.

This book is tailored to developers, architects, data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists with some familiarity with the aggregation framework (it’s not for aggregation beginners). It starts by explaining the framework’s architecture and then shows you how to build pipelines optimized for productivity and scale. Given the critical role arrays play in MongoDB’s document model, the book delves into best practices for optimally manipulating arrays. The latter part of the book equips you with examples to solve common data processing challenges so you can apply the lessons you’ve learned to practical situations.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop dynamic aggregation pipelines tailored to changing business requirements

  • Eliminate the performance penalties of processing data externally by filtering, grouping, and calculating aggregated values directly within the database

  • Master essential techniques to optimize aggregation pipelines for rapid data processing

  • Achieve optimal efficiency for applying aggregations to vast datasets with effective sharding strategies

  • Employ MongoDB expressions to transform data and arrays for deeper insights

  • Secure your data access and distribution with the help of aggregation pipelines

 I hope you enjoy the book!