Saturday, October 24, 2009

New WebLogic book is out

A new book titled Professional Oracle WebLogic Server (Wiley/Wrox, 2009) is out now.

POWLS Book Front Cover
I am a contributing author having written the Web Services chapter (ch.9). A colleague of mine, Josh, wrote the Security chapter and the main bulk of the book was written by Robert, Phil and Greg, with Robert pulling the whole thing together into what we hope is a single cohesive and instructive resource (Robert and Phil are colleagues of mine too).

It's an intermediate to advanced-level, best practices style book aimed at WebLogic Server version 11g (10.3.1). However, for the most part, the content is equally applicable to earlier versions of WebLogic too, from 9.0 onwards, with the notable exception of its EJB 3.0 and JAX-WS 2.1 coverage.

You can get the book from the main book home page, where you can also download the Table of Contents in PDF form, it you first want to better understand what topics are covered. This home page also includes a link for you to download the book's sample code which includes the Web Services example projects, that I wrote to accompany chapter 9.

You can also get the book from Amazon UK, Amazon US and most other major book retailers out there. Parts of the book can be previewed at Google Books.


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