Friday, September 2, 2011

New release of DomainHealth (v0.9.1)

I've just released a new version of DomainHealth (version 0.9.1). This is primarily a maintenance/bug-fix release.

DomainHealth is an open source "zero-config" monitoring tool for WebLogic. It collects important server metrics over time, archives these into CSV files and provides a simple web interface for viewing graphs of current and historical statistics. It also works nicely on Exalogic.

To download (and see release notes) go to the project home (select 'files' menu option) at:

Song for today: Ascension Day by Talk Talk


Sivaraman said...

Can we use this to monitor JBOSS which uses a hotspot VM?

Paul Done said...

Nope, its inner workings are very tied to WebLogic - uses WebLogic's JMX model, uses WLDF, etc, etc

vasudha dharani said...

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