Saturday, August 28, 2010

A simplified view of WLDF

The WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) is a very powerful capability that has been in the product since WebLogic 9.0. WebLogic's product documentation does a good job of describing the fine detail of WLDF, but I believe that the high level overview it provides is too verbose and makes WLDF seem more complicated than it is. This is probably one reason why I don't see WLDF used quite as often as it should be, in place of custom coded monitoring solutions.

A couple of years ago I created my own diagram showing WLDF's composition, in an attempt to demonstrate that it's actually a fairly simple concept. However, I never got around to publishing it. Prompted by a recent request, I thought I'd address this ommision now, so here is that diagram...

(click image for larger view)

Hopefully this helps to better show the power of WLDF and that it's not as complex as one might think.

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kiran... said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the post on "WLDF".
Actually I am looking for it ,and found to be in your blog ,great!

Can I have more detailed explanation about you're diagram ?

Something like how it captures > process > expose and retrieves ?

Interested to know in more detail about WLDF..

Can you help me here?

Really i appreciate you're hard work on this , and thanks in advance.


Paul Done said...

Hi Kiran

The detail of how this works is basically what is in the product docs at - my diagram is just an easy high level overview because I didn't feel there was one - sounds like you're now ready to dive into the product documentation detail. ;)


kiran... said...


The document sounds good to me to grab enough knowledge about WLDF..

Thanks Paul , appreciated you're hard work!


Me + Minime said...

Well , I know it is an old post but quite actual for me.
First of all thanks for the domain health...really helped me many time.
However now the situation get more complicated because I need to be able to monitor like 30 Weblogic server in the same time , and going from on DH to another not easy ...and there is no overview from one blink of an eye of the whole systems.

Is WLDf or Enterprise Manager ...capable of doing such thing...monitoring multiple domains and servers ? in a integrated screen like ?

I have in mind bulding a custom solution but that i want as a last alternative...not to reinvent the wheel.


Cristian C